The neighborhoods in Zone 3 all have their own governing groups: communities of (mostly) women who have their hands in pretty much everything. These are the women Young Life goes to in order to find out who has the greatest need for work projects. These are the women who keep an eye out on our group during the work week. These are the women people want on their side.


From my experience in the Christian School community, to my sports team communities, to college community, church community, and Young Life community, every community has a different feel, a different face, a different purpose. Regardless of the differences, I’ve found that my overall contentment and peace in life is directly related to the communities to which I belong. Community is essential.

The other day I had the opportunity to sit down and hear from one of our Young Life kids who just returned from a month serving on Work Crew at Malibu Club in Canada. The month was transformational for him. Amongst many things, he shared that their work crew spent time looking at Acts 2. His words: “now I get why YL community is so amazing. It models itself after the early church. Everyone shares. Everyone is for each other.”

Today’s message at church reiterated what my Guatemalan friends exemplify and what Sam experienced. It was on Acts 2 and 4, specifically covering how “all the believers were together and had everything in common…they gave to anyone as he had need.” This principle, when acted on, really makes Christian community unique. It’s countercultural. It’s intimate. It relies on a mutual give and take and give again.

I think the beauty of the early Church community and of communities I’m a part of is their reflection of the nature of God. Our God is a Triune God; his very essence is community. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are intrinsically united; they’re with each other, for each other, and for us. Community provides an amazing opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than the individual–something that reflects the very nature of God!


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