One Week

Until WyldLife Camp! And I’m so excited. Why?

1.I’m excited for this. Field games. More importantly, an opportunity to get messy, have fun, and foster positive interactions between middle school kids. Isn’t a shaving cream/flour/water balloon war every kid’s dream?

2. I’m excited for this. High Ropes. Or, an opportunity to take kids outside of their comfort zones, walk with them as they face their fears, and create a concrete picture of trust. (sidenote: contrary to logical thought, I actually get more afraid every year. Must be something to do with getting a little older).

3. I’m excited for this. WyldLife Club. Songs, games, skits, followed by a clear presentation of the Gospel. This is where kids’ definition of religion is shaken and view of God is brought into focus.

4. Of course, I’m excited for this. The opportunity for middle school kids to take a stand and begin to follow Christ. The games, the adventure, the fun all create space for kids to interact with their Creator in a new and beautiful way.

5. And, I’m excited to take kids home changed. I appreciate any prayers!


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