We’re back from a week at WyldLife Camp! It was a great week and I’m still processing a lot of what happened.

One aspect of camp that is really powerful is called “cardboard testimonies.” After a week of hearing the stories of different people at camp, a string of leaders and staff walk out on stage 1 by 1 with a piece of cardboard. One side describes who they were before Christ; the other side describes who they became after encountering Christ. It’s a beautiful picture of the transformation that comes from relationship with Christ.

As I was filtering through pictures for our post camp slideshow, I noticed a theme in the cardboard testimonies: almost half of the testimonies included the word “found.” Looking back over camp I’m overwhelmed by the extent to which God found kids. He truly is a God who seeks and saves the lost, who pursues, who values the one as much as the many, and who waits with open arms until the lost are found.


I’m rejoicing over all the kids who found home in relationship with Christ at Timber Wolf Lake this summer!


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