It’s Here!

Today is the day I’m moving to Guatemala! I can’t believe it’s finally here. It’s been over a year since I filled out my initial application and now I’m about to hop on a plane and start this new chapter in my life. Crazy. I still have so much to process from the past few weeks, but I wanted to share a little of what God’s been orchestrating.

In order to officially be “sent” by Young Life, I have to have 100% of my annual budget committed for the entire three years that I’ll be in Guatemala. I also have to have donations to cover some one time costs (car, language school, moving, etc.) Because I was committed to ministry in Hinsdale I did not have time to fully focus on fundraising until September. God honored that commitment and in Sept. I went from being 10% funded to 50%. In the first 2 weeks of October I went from 50% to 75%.

This is where things got a little interesting. Because I wasn’t fully funded I technically could not buy a flight. But, since camp in Guatemala is in the next couple weeks, I knew that I would hit the mark and book a flight for the next day. So, I booked a flight early. I didn’t feel like I could advertise this since Young Life hadn’t officially sent me. So I hit the ground running, God kept opening doors, and funding kept coming in.

Currently my annual budget is committed and ALMOST all my one time costs are committed. I’m heading to Guatemala to serve at camps. Technically it’s a pre trip, but pending all my gifts posting, I’ll be officially sent/back on staff while I’m down for camp.

So here I go. I’ve said “farewells” and have all my stuff packed up. I’m excited for the adventures ahead and look forward to sharing stories of how God continues to show up like he has during this fundraising process.


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