First Week

I’ve been in Guate for almost a week and I feel a little like it’s the calm before the storm. Because I’m not fluent in Spanish I can’t dive into ministry (even though I am on program for camp). Because camp is next week, I’m not starting language school. Someday I’m going to look back on these first weeks of being not as busy, and wish I could go back to them. Overall, I’m enjoying the transition into life here.

Some highlights so far…

1. Club – I went to my first Vida Joven Club in Zone 3 (first, I should say, without a work team). It’s fun to see how club transcends culture and language. Laughter is laughter, music is music, and there is always that crew of 13 year old boys who so badly want to be at club but so badly want to pretend they don’t 🙂

2. Tasha – It’s fun having my cousin here. Period.

3. Antigua – I spent the weekend in Antigua with Len and Carrie Blauwkamp. It’s just a blessing to be around them and enjoy a fun city together. We went to church this morning and ran into a family who used to be on Young Life staff in the states. They came to Guatemala to work with a clean water project and will be living in Antigua. They already offered to host club at their house as we endeavor in starting YL in Antigua. I can already tell that their presence will be a blessing in my life!

4. The Views – Speak for themselves.


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