Campamento de Vida Joven 2010

I survived – both my first Young Life camp in Guatemala and my debut on the program team. It was a great week and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. The Lord was totally present – kids from age 12 to 19 were all equally engaged, having fun, and clinging to the words of the Gospel. I had a front row seat as leaders pursued kids and brought them to the feet of Jesus. Here are some highlights:

We had a little cabin competition on Day 2 – similar to field games at TWL. It was fun to see kids letting go, coming together as a cabin, and getting really upset that they didn’t “win.” I love that no one ever figures out that there is no real winner at YL Camp (more no real loser, I guess). This picture is of a cabin attempting to move cookies from their forheads to their mouths without using their hands. Try it. It’s fun.

Every cabin had an opportunity to go on the zipline. Adventure is always a huge part of Young Life camp. As kids engage in activities that are outside of their comfort zones, the walls come down. The zipline/high ropes/whatever it is provides a concrete lesson of what it looks like to take a leap of faith.

Pool Olympics: We went for it. By we, I mean the Program Team. By the program team, I mean me. I love the Pool Olympics and was thrilled to see that the joy of synchronized swim, cannonball for pain, and the sweatshirt relay translated into Spanish 🙂

Club – the songs, the games, the talks. So great. A few things that I noticed serving on program: first, we can get away with a lot more here. Kids aren’t as accustomed to the culture of constant entertainment, so games go longer and better; skits are funnier. With that, these kids don’t come from a culture of play. Games that are commonplace to us (water balloon toss, cupcake walk, etc.) were new and complicated. And, kids were so worried about losing that they didn’t fully let loose and have fun. I’m excited to bring the play!

In case you were curious, “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh” translates perfectly into Spanish. AND WyldLifers – if you’re nervous about losing your square dancing skills, fear not, it comes back like riding a bike.

And, of course, we had some great crud wars. The difference? Our crud is cow feed. Yes, I got sufficiently slopped for my first time at camp.

Now I have a few days off and I head right back up to camp for Young Lives. More to come!


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