Campamento de Mamacitas

2 weekends ago we headed back up into the mountains of Guatemala for Mamacitas, or Young Lives, camp. Between Mamacitas, kids, staff, leaders, and work crew there were almost 60 people at camp. Mamacitas provides a really unique experience because not only are we serving the girls themselves, but also their kids. My position enabled me to witness both sides of things. As a part of the program team, I was present at clubs and all games with the Mamacitas. As a host for a group of gringos who came to serve, I got to hang around the kids a bit too.

I’m excited for the Mamacitas who were able to clearly hear the Gospel and spend time in good conversation with their leaders. Two of the leaders were at camp as campers just one year ago. The transformation in their lives is remarkable, and I’m excited to see what God will continue to do both in their lives and in the lives of their girls.

I’m excited for the kids who, essentially, will grow up in Young Life. From a young age they will absorb Kingdom living and their lives could be different because of the path on which their moms are entering.

I’m excited for the work crew that came from the states – a group of (mostly) women from Tennessee, Chicago, and Grand Rapids (my mom included) who were able to come and care for the kids. They transcended language and culture and really loved them well. They got a taste of the ministry going on here.

And some pics…

Kids look on during muck wars. Most were thinking, "wait, why can't I play in the mud?"









The work crew put on a spa for the Mamacitas.








The mamacitas and the work crew.



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