This past Saturday we had a few girls over for a sleepover. We picked the girls up around 7 – and I spent the night smiling/laughing/observing about how sleepovers are similar no matter the culture, the place, the people.

1. The girls found it necessary to hang out my car windows and yell at people on the sidewalk. Always happens when YL kids are in the car.

2. We talked about boys and ate a lot of food. Standard.

3. We crafted.

4. We watched a movie.

5. We took a lot of ridiculous pictures. My favorite:

Caption options: "Which one of these is not like the other" -or- "You know you're tall when..."








The girls made bracelets with all their initials on them - so sweet!

The sweetest part of the night came after dinner. The girls were sneaking around, giggling (also standard). Eventually, they blindfolded my roommate Rebeca and took her into her room. They had managed to cover her floor with rose pedals and candles, cover her with glitter, and give her presents. These girls wanted to be the first people to give her a farewell/weddingparty (she’s getting married in a couple weeks and moving to the Dominican Republic).

I felt privileged to be a part of that moment and to witness the love and relationship that resulted from Rebe sharing life with these girls. And I’m excited to continue getting to know kids here!


One thought on “Sleepovers

  1. Hey Annette,
    Great to see your pictures and read your stories! Sounds like all is well with you and YL in Guate. Christmas blessings and New Years cheer~

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