New Year Updates

After a significantly longer break from the blog than I intended, I have a few updates and stories from the past month. The new year came in with, well, a lot of new. And a lot of change. And a lot of excitement. It’s a great time to be a part of Vida Joven Guatemala!

The CCO crew 2011

I started the New Year at Cross Cultural Orientation, a training that all Young Life staff going overseas attends. What a blessing to spend a week with 20 people who all have a heart for serving Christ through Young Life in various parts of the world – from China to England and Tanzania to Norway, I’m excited to see what happens as all these people are “sent.” We learned about various dynamics relating to entering into a new culture – it was great for me to be able to apply what we were learning directly to life in Guatemala. And it’s great to be back.

Leadership Camp 2011 - minus a few girls who took so long getting ready for the picture that they missed it.

I returned just in time for our very first leadership camp. We’re modeling it after a program in Nicaragua. Leaders pass through 5 years of intensive classes – similar to the internship classes for Young Life in the States. Over the years the group gets smaller and smaller, and by year 5 most people have moved into staff positions. In the past we sent our leaders to Nicaragua, but we had too many leaders this year to afford that. So we did our own camp and had about 20 leaders away for a weekend. We worshipped. We learned. We spent time in community. It was a great start and I’m excited to see how this program evolves!

And finally, 2011 is bringing a lot of exciting change for our staff. First, Congratulations to Fito and Nancy Sandoval who are the the proud parents of a baby girl! Her name is Ashley and that’s all I know right now 🙂 On Monday we moved Sandra to Antigua and settled her into her apartment – she’ll be starting ministry in a new city! Also, at the end of December we celebrated the marriage of Rebeca Aguilar and Roy Clifford. A YL wedding at its best – Rebe and Roy are finishing the month here and then moving to the Dominican Republic where Roy is the Camp Director of the YL property there. Prayers for all these people and the “new” in their New Year!



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