El verbo –

Last week at club Fito gave a great talk about how Christ knows each person in the room by name. In addition to a Gospel account, he used John 1:14. We use this verse a lot in Young Life: “the word became flesh and made his dwelling among us,” or from the Message, “the word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” We like this verse for various reasons – including the fact that it models what we do. Like Christ, YL leaders “move into the neighborhood,” or go where kids are. In addition, this verse provides a beautiful truth for kids – Christ knows. He’s been here. Whatever you’re going through, so has he.

In Spanish, the verse says, “Y el Verbo se hizo hombre y habit entre nosotros.” Basically it says the same thing. But, instead of translating “word” directly, it translates as “Verbo,” or verb.

Verb. An action word.

I take great encouragement in knowing that Christ is the action of God. Verbs are not only spoken, but also done. A verb is not a verb without corresponding action. And the actions of Christ speak loudly. He came. He dwelt. He lived. He ate. He walked. He befriended. He worked. He laughed. He cried. He taught. He prayed. He sought solitude. He suffered. He died. He rose. He gave. He sent.

The word became flesh. El verbo se hizo hombre.

The action of Christ on our behalf encourages us to act on his behalf – I’m learning how to do that here in Guatemala!



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