Estoy aprendiendo Espanol

Yes, I’m learning more Spanish every day. I’m at the point where I often can’t say anything in either Spanish or English. That’s a frustrating place to be for someone who likes to talk a lot. But, I’m learning. Every now and then I’ll stumble across a phrase that’s slightly lost in translation and it causes a good laugh.

A couple weeks ago a friend was telling me about a Young Adult’s small group through church. In English, she told me that group will meet “in 15 days.” I thought, “wow, that’s confusing. how will I ever keep track of that? It’s every 15 days? It’s on a different day all the time? I don’t know about this.” I was confused for a few days, but then in my Spanish class I learned that the phrase for “in two weeks” is de hoy en 15 dias, or, directly – in 15 days.

It all makes sense now – the group will meet every other week, not rotating days of the week.

But, the Spanish is going well. I’m in my second week of intensive language class in Antigua, Guatemala. I learned 5/9 indicative verb tenses, still have to learn 4 more  + the 4 subjunctive verb tenses. Yes, that’s a lot of verb tenses. But, just this past week I learned 3 tenses and already my linguistic doors are opening. I plan on using/applying this knowledge for a few months and then taking another intensive….until I pass all the grades (I’m finishing C and the school goes to G).

I was talking with another missionary couple today who is new to Guatemala. They have 6 kids – from 18 on down – and just moved to Guate and are starting from Spanish square 1. I’m so impressed with that commitment! But, we all agreed that the motivation to learn is magnified by the assurance of God’s call into this culture. Of course we want to learn – we want to serve well!



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