Update 1: The Work

I’ve been absent for the past six weeks, mostly because we’ve hosted a string of work teams. What a busy, but wonderful few weeks! Playing “host” to work teams means everything from doing HUGE grocery store runs to booking hotels, to visiting the hardware store multiple times a day and doing some building. More importantly, it means spending a concentrated time with groups of people who are coming to love, serve, and learn.

The Guatemalan army happened to pass through when we were digging the foundation - a little unnerving until we found out they were bringing food packages!

Our first team spent their time out at Abonorganico, the compost company. They fell in love with the guys out there and managed to have a lot of fun while pouring a LOAD of concrete. They poured a huge slab where the new produce waste sits and drains while it begins to decompose. A highlight from this group – they went back to their college and started a campus group focused on global poverty called Zone 3 (the zone in which YL is situated). It’s fun to see how a week here has impacted their going home – one guy even went back and applied for a teaching job in Honduras!

Our second team was from University of Tennessee (and happened to be here when TN played UofM in an early tournament game. I pretended to like UofM in the name of competition). It was a really sweet time as the leaders were a couple who’d been leading small groups of guys/girls separately since the students’ freshman year of college the couple decided they wanted to do a work trip with their

The TN team inside the finished product - Wilma's house!

groups, and YL sent them our way. I appreciated having some YL leaders around – they planned a great club for our kids, and were challenged in their views of ministry and leadership. Oh, and they built a house for one of our Mamacitas leaders (Wilma, Angel’s mom if you happen to know her!).

Team 3 came from North Carolina, and it was the third year this church had sent a team. The relationship between this church and Vida Joven Guatemala is really special. When we have work teams, the normal process is to go to the community leaders and

We celebrated two birthdays during this team - complete with piñata, cake, and presents!

ask, “where’s the greatest need.” At which point, they point us in some direction.

This group decided they wanted to build a house for the community leader who is always pointing us somewhere else – which is what we did!

It’s always amazing when a house comes together in a week, alongside inexplicable relationships that can only come when people give themselves away in love and service in the name of Jesus Christ.

I had a few visitors in and among these work teams, but they get their own update. And it will come soon!


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