Update 2: The Visitors

Amidst the work team craze I also had a steady stream of visitors from the North. What a blessing to spend time with people I love. It made me long for that kind of community here and gave me motivation to continue pursuing real relationships. I know that’s a process, and one that is moving along, but I was still thankful for the time I had with this lineup of people:

First, introducing Joel Aguilar. He’ll be super embarrassed about this, but he was my first visitor. He’s the boyfriend. He’s currently finishing his Masters in Tacoma, WA and is working with the Center For Transforming Mission. He led a team from Tacoma to Guatemala and was able to come down early to spend time with me. It was fun to have him here and share with him the things I’ve been experiencing over the past couple months. I’m pretty excited for Joel to move back to Guate permanently in June!

Second, one of my WyldLife leaders from Hinsdale came to visit. Matt’s someone who was a huge part of my life and ministry in Hinsdale, and he also has a huge heart for

Matt and Antony, the first time they met!

Guatemala. He proudly notes that he’s been to Guatemala more than Chad Perry, the Hinsdale area director. A highlight of Matt’s visit – his reunion with Antony, a boy who lives in Zone 3. 3 years ago when Matt first came down with the Hinsdale group, he worked on Antony’s house. They formed a bond that’s lasted. Matt’s basically watching Antony grow up. Antony’s face lit up when he saw Matt, and he immediately gave him a huge hug. It was a really sweet moment – a relationship that’s truly unique and only possible through the work of Christ in Matt’s life.

Both of these visits overlapped with the brief return of Rebeca Aguilar (Joel’s sister, my friend/coworker in Vida Joven) to Guatemala. Rebe moved to the Dominican Republic after she got married in December, and we’ve missed her greatly! She came to visit, meet with staff, do some business, etc. I definitely realized how much I miss having her around!

At Iximche, some Mayan ruins outside of Guatemala City.

Finally, the much anticipated invasion of Witte’s on Guatemala. Both my parents and my aunt and uncle came at the same time. Again, what a blessing. My parents got to hang out with the work team a bit (yes, Laurie outworked almost everyone) and see what it’s like in Zone 3. We also went to the beach, spent time in Antigua, visited some ruins, and just caught up. I have a pretty great family, and I’m thankful we had the time to be together here with no real agenda. We talked. We laughed. We played games. We saw some sights. Their visit also overlapped with Joel’s by a few days. I’m thankful that my parents were able to be with him on HIS turf (v. family Christmas in MI like last time they meant).

The Witte's at Los Cabos in Monterrico, Guatemala

The string of visitors is currently on hold, unless someone has travel plans I don’t know about!


One thought on “Update 2: The Visitors

  1. Hi Annette:
    Nice post – BUT a lot of people worked really hard to build that house. I only had one day of work, but it was fun to do and I am glad we got to see the end results. On the Witte picture, I think my face got lost in Herm’s white belly!!! It should have showed up, since it was red like the rest of my body. I’ll be waiting for a post from your Good Friday pictures. Love you, Mom

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