An early morning airport run

I woke up at 2:50am today to bring my coworker and friend, Sandra, to the airport. She’s heading to the Dominican Republic to spend 3 weeks at the YL camp there. As I drove I couldn’t help but think about what happened in Guatemala City this past Saturday morning on another early morning airport run.

I’m not sure if the news made US headlines, but it make every headline in Latin America – a famous singer, Facundo Cabral was murdered on his way to the airport after giving a concert outside of Guatemala City. Suspicions say that the assassins were targeting the businessman that Facundo was riding with; the businessman was injured, Facundo was killed. I don’t know how to best describe this 74 year old man – musically, my musician boyfriend compares him to Stevie Wonder, but he stood for so much more than his music. He was an ambassador for peace to the UN, he sang Latin America through years of oppression and resistance, he preached peace and died a violent death here in Guatemala.

The conversations following his murder parallel any “famous” case – yes, this is a tragedy, but why all the attention on his death when there are about 15 violent deaths / day in Guatemala? While the conversation is fair, my hope is that this one violent death and the attention it draws will foster change both in Guatemala City and in the country as a whole.

Please pray for peace in this city!


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