Homeword Bound

I just returned to Guatemala from a 3 week visit to the States. What a great time of refreshment, encouragement, reflection, and just plain fun. People asked me if I was back for work or play, and I responded “it’s a mix, but at times I feel like my work is play.” Here are some highlights…

1. A lot of talk about Vida Joven. I was able to share in my home church in Grand Rapids (if you’re interested in watching/listening to that…follow this link: http://vimeo.com/27492247), and I met with a lot of individual donors. The fun part is that my donors are family and friends. So while it was technically work, it was really just a time of fellowship and catching up!

2. Fun US summer stuff. I got to go to the beach (with pretty white sand and fresh water), go to a Tiger’s game, spend time in Ludington. The safety and pristine beauty of MI in the summer was refreshing. And we turned Noah into a die hard Tigers fan. Ask him, he still might remember the inning by inning replay.

3. Family and Friends. I got to spend great time with my family, get to know my brother Mark’s fiance and her family a little better, get to know Claire’s (my youngest niece) personality, stand in one of my best friend from college’s wedding, and so much more. It was a quick and jam packed 3 weeks but I do feel ready to be back and dive in here!

Pics to come either here or on Facebook, but my internet is SUPER slow right now!


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