Weekend Adventures

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go on a retreat with people representing over 10 ministries around Guatemala City. We are all connected through Center for Transforming Mission (the organization Joel works for) and Strategy of Transformation; the two ministries are merging together to provide training and more for leaders working in hard communities in Guatemala City. The purpose of the retreat was to create community, have some fun together, and talk a bit about the upcoming year.

We left on a rented chicken bus around 9:30 am, and after 7 hours in the bus + a short boat ride, we arrived at El Faro, a beautiful camp on the Caribbean Coast.

We had a few sessions of worship, teaching, and one outlining the next year of training. We’ll be guided through a series entitled “Lenses of Leadership,” where we focus on different aspects of leadership. How are we reconciling leaders in our communities? Wounded leaders? Peacemaking leaders? As we progress through the series, we will visit each ministry in the network and learn from that leader how a given lens of leadership is present in his or her community. I am excited to be a part of a community like this, learning with and from people who are serving courageously in hard places.

Oh, we also got to spend a lot of time playing – in the sea, a baseball game celebrating the Tigers clinching their division, and of course, a soccer game.

As we progress through the training I will give updates on what I am learning and how it impact my ministry here in Guatemala!

An intense pick up soccer game.
Per the usual, taking pictures jumping off a dock occupied a good chunk of our time¡
Joel and Jose talking a play over at first base.

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