Guate Days 2

I’ve posted a few times about “Guate Days,” days when it seems that nothing goes right no matter how hard I try. Sometimes that’s frustrating, and other times – like last Sunday – it’s humorous. Joel had guests in for his work, one of whom is a pastor from the Dominican Republic. He was scheduled to preach at a local church, and I really wanted to hear him. Sunday Morning Plan A: Annette leaves the house at 7:45, picks up Joel at 8:15, picks up pastor at 8:20, arrives at church at 8:40 for a 9:00 start time. Flawless, right?

As we started driving from where the pastor was staying toward church, we noticed a race on the other side of the divided highway. We honked. We cheered. I felt nostalgic as it was the same day as the Chicago Marathon and I was not running this year. When we got to our turn off for the church, we noticed that we could not make the turn. So, we drove to the next turn off. Also closed. We finally found a traffic cop who informed us that the entire other side of this main road through Guatemala City was closed for another 6 hours for the race, yet we hadn’t seen runners in about 2 miles and there had been zero advertising for this race.

We had the pastor and had no way to get to church.

The cop informed us the race was a fundraiser for blind people which is why they had to be extra careful with the road closure, then routed us through about 3 different zones to get us to where we needed to be. Due to construction and other road closures, our reroute was rerouted a few more times. If you’re from Chicago – imagine being routed from Hinsdale through Naperville just to cross Ogden. Or if you’re from GR, imagine being routed from Grandville through downtown GR just to cross 28th Street. It was that good.

Did I mention we had the pastor in the car?

We called the church, and in fine Guatemalan hospitality form, they refused to start without us. Not a song, not a prayer without the pastor. After many u – turns, unnecessary yelling at all blind people, and a lot of laughs, we finally made it to church – a mere 90 minutes late – and enjoyed a great worship service. We joked that we were just giving the pastor time to perfect his sermon.

And that, is a Guate Day!


One thought on “Guate Days 2

  1. What a day, Annette! Thanks for sharing this illustration, it’s so perfect and reminds me of the short week we spent there last spring. I remember you telling me similar scenarios…and of course will never forget waiting in the bank to exchange American money. Hugs!

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