Camp 2: Leader Training

YL leaders, Z3.

Last night I had the opportunity to lead our first session of camp leader training. This is something I’m passionate about. I love to see leaders thinking about how they can best love and serve their cabins, and how they can point kids to Christ.

Ever since I took Dale Bruner’s class on the Gospel of John, I start camp training with a look at John 1. In John 1 we are presented with a picture of John the Baptist, a leader who knew exactly who he was and exactly who he was NOT. John was not the Christ. John was not the prophet Elijah. John was a voice crying in the desert, preparing the way for the Lord.

This, too, is the role of a Young Life leader – both at camp and day to day. Our job is not to save kids – that is the role of our triune God who created each kid in his image (Genesis 3), died for their sins (John 3), and has been whispering their names since before they were born (Psalm 139). Rather, like John, we are witnesses to the work of the Lord, pointing kids toward Christ, inviting them to hear his voice, and walking with them in that process.

It was beautiful to hear our leaders talking through these ideas last night, and now that we’ve set the philosophical base for leadership, we’re going to spend the day on Saturday talking about what this specifically looks like in a camp context. How do  we lead well and serve campers in all camp activities, at club, in cabin time, during 1 on 1’s, etc?

Please pray for our leaders as we prep for camp, as they continue to pursue kids, and as we head out to camp!


One thought on “Camp 2: Leader Training

  1. So far, loving and learning from your “camp” series. Blessings and thank you and God give you the strength and words you need!

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