¡Campamento De Vida Joven 2011!

After all the build up, the planning, the anticipation, the excitement, camp came and went. And it was great. Camp was jam-packed with activities, experiences, humor, and conversations that all carried the same message – you were made for relationship with your Creator, and have access to that relationship through Jesus Christ. I had the privilege of sharing that message through program and also as a leader in a cabin. As a part of the program team, we used humor, shared experience, games, and adventure to break down walls and paint a picture of the joy found in the Kingdom of God, and specifically in relationship with Christ.

Being funny is serious business. More than once I heard kids say, “I wasn’t expecting this!” I played 3 roles – One was Super Tortilla. A tamale driving, high flying super hero, who together with Super Frijol saved the camp from the evil policia municipal who towed our tamales and threatened to turn the camp into a parking lot. Got it? We succeeded in style, as you can see below. I also was Gringa -ga, who led games with her sister Baja-ja. And finally, Julia, who along with Julio presented Dancing With The Stars in club every night.

Each set of characters brought a smile to the kids’ faces, invited them into the excitement of camp, set them up to be stars, and……..were all quite ridiculous.

Now to the more important stuff. I also got to co-lead a group of 4 girls. What a privilege to share the camp experience with these girls, to help a young leader, and to learn from all of them. All the girls were 13, which aligns with my WL experience. They loved being at camp, being together in a cabin, and diving into all the activities. The girls in my cabin were all familiar with the Story of Christ, but the week invited them to go a little deeper and explore what faith means. I’m excited to see their faith mature as they mature throughout their teenage years.

It’s difficult to share in this format exactly what happened at camp – the ways God showed up, how he nudged at people, how relationships between leaders and kids changed. But I do want to share one image. A banquet. Throughout the gospels, Jesus use banquet and feast imagery to paint a picture of the kingdom. He shares about people who come and people who do not come. He shares about a king who provides for all but turns away those who pridefully reject his provision. But ultimately, there is a party.

The last day of camp we had a Banquet – the kids dressed up, there were awards, and more food than I could ever imagine. There was also a time for people to share what God did in the 4 days of camp. There were stories of redemption, renewal, change, tears, and healing. This is why we have YL camp – to invite kids to the table of the Lord and to celebrate their place at it.

I hope you have a taste of what happened at camp, and now for a few pictures –

Super Frijol and Super Tortilla at the Gran Bienvenida!
Group shot after "Protect Your Leader"
Field Games and Cabin Competition.
Dive for Pain in the Vida Joven Water Olympics
Just the beginning of Ice Cream Olympics and Crud Wars.
The dirty group!
Shaving cream hairstyles for leaders at the Fair!
Dancing With The Stars in the last club.
We ended camp with a great banquet.
Group shot - all 70 of us!
A cramped busride home.

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