Weight, what?

After a three week trip to the States to get married (!), my new husband and I are back in Guatemala! It’s good to be back, to be settling in to our apartment, and getting our feet on the ground so we can dive fully back into life and ministry here.

One endearing trait about the communities in which we serve with YL is that there are no taboo topics. This includes weight. Women especially feel free to comment on the few pounds that you’ve gained or lost. At times it seems that people can’t win – comments for being a little softer, comments, for being too skinny. Coming from a culture where weight is a taboo topic, this was interesting to adjust to. I’ve learned that it’s not rude, but actually refreshing to be freed from the “off limits” topic. It’s easier to focus on health when all sorts of comments are fair game (including calling your loved one “gordita” or little fatty).

Coming back from the wedding I was SURE that I would get a few comments. I mean, we did have the best wedding cake ever and eat ballpark food on more than one occasion! When I made it both in and out of club for the first time my husband said to me, “well, we must not have gained weight because no one said anything!”

The next morning we stepped on the scale and were exactly the same as before we left.

Who needs a scale when you have the watchful, lovingly critical eyes of a community on you?

It’s good to be back!

Wedding day photo with my nieces and nephew!

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