Campamento 2012

This may come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with Vida Joven Guatemala, but we already have our camp dates set for this year! We’ll be heading to El Faro, a beautiful camp on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala (yes, that exists) from November 4 – 8. This camp serves as a culmination to the daily ministry that’s been happening, and provides a kick start to a new year of training new leaders and reaching new kids.

We’re pretty excited about camp.

We’d also love to have some help! Since we work specifically with teenage moms, there will be a bunch of little kids and babies around. We’d love to have a team of people specifically loving on these babies so that the moms can be free to enjoy camp and experience the gospel. No Spanish necessary for that role.

We’re also dreaming about the following…

1. A person specifically in charge of crafts during free time – jewelry making, etc. Since we have a small staff, some of these free time activities get lost as we’re spending time with kids and can’t be in two places at once!

2. A person who could give swim lessons to kids – our kids love water, but very few actually know how to swim. Free time swim lessons would be phenomenal!

If you’re interested in joining us for camp, seeing what the Lord is doing with Vida Joven in Guatemala, and helping out a bit, please let me know! Comment or shoot me an email!

VidaJoven Guatemala at Camp in 2011!

One thought on “Campamento 2012

  1. Hi Annette,
    My name is Pam Inglis and I just got back from a week in Guatemala City on Saturday. I was down there with a New Jersey based group called Beyond The Walls, working with Potter’s House in the dump community. I am a friend of Fito and enjoyed seeing him Wednesday night when he gave his testimony to our group of 56. I want to give $1,000 to send kids to camp this November. Can you give me an account number so I make sure it gets to you? Do I send it to Colorado Springs? When we gave last year I made many phone calls to Colorado Springs and no one was sure what was going on in Guatemala and had never heard of Hector Sandoval. Brady had already left. I will send Fito an email with this question but I found your blog and decided to ask you since English is your first language.

    My husband and I love YL and love our many Guatemalan friends! We are so happy YL has a presence in this community desperate to hear about Jesus. At least two members of my family have been there working with Potters House for the past 5 years. The philosophy of Beyond The Walls is very similar to what I have read on your blog. Thanks for taking the leap of faith to move there. Pam

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