Work Day 2

I think there is one word we can use to describe how the group is feeling right now: tired. We mixed about 18 batches of concrete today – just enough to finish the floors on our first two homes. Two down, two to go. It was really encouraging to see how each member of the group dove into the work and into the relationships with our friends in the community. It really is a special group.

If I had to choose someone to win the “worker bee” award of the day, it might be a certain girl who comes from a family of 10 siblings. We joked that she had to work hard if she wanted food at dinner with 7 brothers around! But, it’s a close race as everyone is contributing in huge ways.

We finished the night the best way we can – hearing one of our Vida Joven staff share a bit of their story. Tonight, we heard from Estela. The group is experiencing how God works in mysterious ways in and through difficult situations.

A few photos from the day – oh, and did I mention today was overall day?!? (translation to Spanish: overrrralll)

The group arrives in style, well, in Guate Style








Group shot outside of El Recuerdo – Zona 3 in the background, along with Volcan Agua.

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