Work Day 3

Today was filled with ups and downs, twists and turns – as usual for Day 3, the group was feeling the pain of mixing concrete for the past two days. However, they rallied, kept positive attitudes, and finished 3 of the 4 concrete floors. It’s truly amazing what a concrete floor can do for the life of a family. As one of my coworkers shared last night, “I’m thankful that these children can grow up with a real floor and not in the mud. That’s not an opportunity that my siblings and I had.”

Tomorrow we will finish floor 4, do another half, and then we have a few surprises in store for Friday!

We gave the group the night “off” to relax a bit as they’ve worked super hard and are feeling a bit run down. “Relax” actually isn’t in the vocabulary of a 17 year old, so instead they’ve been planning the skit that they will perform tomorrow night at Vida Joven club.

Again, here are some pictures, and more updates to come! (click on a picture to see the full size gallery)


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