Work Day 4

Day 4 is one of my favorite days with work teams, this year is no different – we spend the day working as usual (how are they still having fun?), and today we finished the 4th house in El Recuerdo. Yes, that’s right – 4 floors in 4 days, plus we started a surprise project.

I told the kids that they would have to spend the afternoon moving our supply pile down two blocks – wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. Normally, this would be tedious, frustrating work. Not today – the group did it with joy because we get to use the extra stone and extra sand to put a floor in for our National Director, Fito, and his wife Nancy. Fito has said, “no, no, no” every time we say we want to help with his house. He would rather focus on others in the community. Since the group finished the allotted floors in the community, our staff staged a mutiny and we decided now is the time to give Fito a floor. The materials are ready, and tomorrow we will put it in!

We went straight from work to the local Pollo Campero – Guatemalan cuisine at its best! And then, back to El Recuerdo for Vida Joven Club. Energy was high and there were lots of laughs, especially as the “Gringos” (word for North Americans) led the games and skit. We sang a few songs that are in both English and Spanish, and like YL club everywhere – ended with a Gospel presentation.

Everyone experienced the best of community, joy, work, and play today – while that in itself is gospel, it was beautiful to culminate the day in the way we did.

Tomorrow is our last day in the community, and I know it will be a good one!


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