Work Day 5

I mentioned that today would be full of surprises, and it was – we finished Fito’s house (that’s number 5), delivered care packages of rice, beans, and other goods to members of the community, spent a lot of time playing with new friends, had a “farewell” party, and topped it off with the Vida Joven Classic – a soccer game between the Guatemalans and Gringos. And that was all before 4:00pm!

The group came to Joel and my apartment for dinner, some songs, reflection, and also had the opportunity to hear Fito, our national director, share his story.

It was an emotional day, full of goodbyes to new friends in the community, reflecting on the work week, and enjoying the opportunity to be present in a new place with new people. Although today feels like and end, we still have two more full days in Guatemala – we’re off to climb Pacaya, a volcano, tomorrow, and then to Antigua to celebrate a great week!

Enjoy a few shots from today – I’m not sure what my internet access will be like in Antigua, but no worries, we’ll still keep your kids safe even if there aren’t pictures to prove 🙂


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