Prepping for camp –

On Saturday we kicked off a month long series intentionally designed for people who will be serving in

Staff, leaders, junior leaders, work crew, and the future of VJ Guatemala after a full day of training.

different roles at our upcoming camp. We spent the day in community – laughing, singing, sharing, playing. We spent the day thinking about why we take kids to camp, how we can serve at camp, and how we can create a safe, fun environment for new campers. I love facilitating training events because Vida Joven provides an umbrella under which a group of people who normally wouldn’t be in the same place come together with a common purpose.

We have a work crew full of tough guys who, if I didn’t know them, I’d be afraid to meet them in the street. They’re serving alongside still semi-innocent 14 year old girls and teenage moms whose youth has been traded for the demands of motherhood. We have the children of the young mothers who are growing up in Vida Joven – they’re experiencing love and community in a way their moms didn’t when they were little. I can’t think of another place in the communities where this mixture of people is coming together. It’s beautiful.

While camp provided the opportunity, the topics we discussed apply to leadership in every aspect of life. Our goal isn’t to develop Vida Joven leaders, it’s to help kids grow up into adults who understand what it means to love and serve in their communities and to have hopes and dreams.

I’m looking forward to a month of intentionally working with this group of people, and to the the growth we’ll see in their lives as they continue to develop as leaders.


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