Campamento 2012

On Sunday morning, bright and early, Vida Joven Guatemala heads to camp! 40 campers, 11 leaders, 15

Here’s our group from the last day of camp in 2011 – we’ll have 15 more people this year! Woohooo!

work crew, and 14 little kids, and 5 staff will load up on busses and head to 6 hours north (or 4, or 8, depending on traffic, roads, stops, and how fast the busses go). The camp, El Faro, is situated on the little bit of Caribbean Coast that Guatemala has. This means white sand beaches, friendly ocean, and HEAT!

Some fun things about this camp – first, it’s owned by the Ephraim family – a family that lives in the North suburbs of Chicago and is involved with YL there. We know YL people in common and Meagan, who lives and works in Guatemala, gets Young Life. It’s a lot easier for us to do YL camp when someone at the camp gets us – why we do what we do, and the kids we’re working with.

Also, as I already mentioned, this camp is on the Caribbean Coast. It’s absolutely beautiful. You can see Belize from the beach, and the beach is just as pretty. If our kids have been to the ocean before, they’ve been to the Pacific coast – black, hot sand, and nasty waves that don’t actually allow a novice swimmer to enter past his ankles. I’m excited for kids to leave the concrete jungle and experience the goodness of God through nature.

This beautiful place will provide the backdrop to an phenomenal week – fun, games, adventure, music, time in community, service, and, most importantly, an opportunity to hear the full Gospel message in safe environment.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers throughout this week and I look forward to sharing stories and pictures when we’re back. But, for now, I have a long “to do” list that’s unique to someone preparing for a Young Life camp:

-Find the cheapest place to get LOADS of shaving cream and whipped cream

-Finalize our costumes for program (I’ll be an olympic wannabe and a quincinera girl)

-Prepare our carnival games

You get the idea. And, to the person who was judging me in the grocery store, I swear that buying 10 giant boxes of cookies is part of the job!


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