The Best Week of Your Life

In Young Life, we tell kids that camp will be the best week of their life – if not, a full refund policy applies. I’ve taken about 500 kids to camp in my 4+ years on staff, and I have never once given a refund. Camp combines fun, adventure, laughter, community, and Gospel in a unique way. The combination creates a magical week for kids. I’ll be sharing a variety of reflections over the next week or so, but for today, I want to share what camp looked like.

Each day started with breakfast, then a time of all camp games. From there, we went to free time until Real Life. During Real Life, leaders share their testimonies with kids. We gave each cabin a time to process what they were hearing and share about their own lives. It was a very meaningful time for leaders and kids. From Real Life, we went to lunch. Lunch flowed into afternoon all camp games, and then more free time. Hours and hours of free time were filled with time playing in the ocean. What a gift! After free time, dinner, and from dinner to club. Club = music, games, laughter, and the Gospel presentation. After club, another cabin time – we’re praising God that kids took the time to really open and share from their lives and experiences. From cabin time, we had a night event – different each day!

Here’s the picture tour of camp –

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Some of you know that a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit Guatemala on Wednesday. It shook Guatemala City for 32 seconds! Thankfully, no harm was done to the homes and families in Zone 3, and we didn’t even know the earthquake hit at camp. Most of the destruction and casualties are in the NW part of Guatemala – pray for recovery and peace for families there.

More to come on camp!



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