Feliz Navidad (II)

I’ve been in a few conversations over the past few weeks describing some of the festivities that we have in Vida Joven around Christmas – parties, outings, cookie decorating, and more. It’s really great to be able to do some out of the ordinary, festive things with kids, to bring a bit of Christmas joy into their day to day lives. Many people have offered to help in some fashion, so I thought I’d make a list of ways people could give “gifts” to Vida Joven kids. Why “gifts?” Obviously, it’s a bit late to get gifts down to Guatemala, but financial gifts allow us a bit of flexibility in terms of what we’re doing with kids. So here are a few ideas –

Holiday Themed

1. Provide snacks (chips, salsa, soda) for the Vida Joven Christmas Party – $25

2. “Make” Christmas cookies for the Vida Joven Christmas party (We’ll make them, you’d help buy the ingredients, clearly) – $25

3. Provide pizza for Bible Study end of the year celebrations – $25

4. Give a Christmas bonus to the Guatemalan Vida Joven Staff – $50/person; $400 total

General Gifts

1. Underwrite Vida Joven club for a month – $40 / month

2. Underwrite WyldLife club for a month – $40 / month

3. Provide a Camp Scholarship – $125

These are just some suggestions that people have taken interest in – we appreciate any gifts this holiday season! If you’re interested in giving, you can visit giving.younglife.org and give online to my account – X3111/Witte. Just leave a comment or send me an email with what you want your gift to go toward and I’ll send a picture of kids enjoying!

Have a blessed holiday!


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