Give Me Hope in the Darkness..

I love Mumford and Son’s music. I think their lyrics ring true and provide voice to realities that are sometimes hard to define. I often leave the song “Ghosts That We Knew” on repeat. The chorus goes like this:

79330005Give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light / Cause, oh, they gave me such  a fright / But I will hold on as long as you like / Just promise we’ll be all right

It’s been a violent few weeks in Guatemala – around the city we’ve seen flares of violence between gangs. I can’t explain why it happened at the same time in very distinct communities, but I can say it’s been hard. It’s hard for kids to grow up surrounded by darkness, and it’s hard for us as Young Life leaders to navigate those situations. It breaks my heart when a 15 year old girl asks me, “Annette, why do I have to live in fear?”

Last night at our leader meeting, I read from Genesis 1. In Genesis 1 we see God moving over the darkness, the abyss, the chaos. His first creative act is speaking light into the darkness. I asked the leaders (most of whom are kids themselves – 15-17 years old) what it means to be a light in a dark place and their answers were beautiful:

I can smile when no one else is.

Everyone else is afraid of the guys who hang out by the entrance of the community. They stay away from them. They’re my friends, my brothers. I can share God’s love with them.

We can hang out with the people everyone else ignores.

We don’t have to be afraid. 

These kids understand more deeply than anyone I know that there is hope in the darkness, that it’s worth it to hold on because in one way or another, it will be all right. I’m thankful for the truth I learn from them!


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