Why I’ve been spending way too much time at McD’s.

It’s been an interesting few weeks with Vida Joven Guatemala. We don’t have an office or building to call our own, which 90% of the time I think is a great thing. It forces us to the street – going where kids are, which is the heart of Young Life. 10% of the time it’s a big pain in

Fito, in costume, hanging out on the street with Brandon - YL at its best (minus the helmet)
Fito, in costume, hanging out on the street with Brandon – YL at its best (minus the helmet)

the butt. We normally have staff meetings, Bible Studies, leadership meetings, and Club in the community room in El Recuerdo. Last Monday we found out that, starting Wednesday, we would not have access to the community room. A different organization is doing construction projects and the families receiving those projects are living in the community room.

Obviously, it’s great that these families will have clean, dry houses to live in. We’re happy for that. But, it’s a bit tricky for us. Especially because we were told we might have use of the room by June, but maybe not until August. Hmmm. We thought of moving club outside for a few months, but it’s rainy season and that’s not possible. Following the lead of Sandra, we decided to spend time focusing on the basics – contact work, leadership development, relationships. We’re plannings at least a few small, organized touchpoints a week to replace club for now, but our goal is to use this time when we’re homeless to help leaders focus on relationships.

The other day I met with my coworkers at the local McD’s for a cafecito and to talk about some budget stuff, then I met with a girl at the same McD’s to talk about life. I was scheduled to meet a potential leader at the same McD’s later that evening but I called and said, “I’ll wait in the car – I can’t show my face at the same McD’s three times in one day!” I picked her up and we took a walk around the community. It was great. We saw so many kids. It reminded me, despite the frustrations, that being homeless is a really good thing when you’re a Young Life leader!


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