Hinsdale, Day 2

While I spent time at the US Embassy sorting out a passport problem (it’s a good story – wait till you all get to hear it in person, and don’t worry, all is well), the group headed down to Colonia Colom in Zone 3 to get started on the job sites. I can’t say exactly what happened in the morning, but I can say that by lunch there was a good chunk of concrete floor poured in each of three homes. I also heard stories of new friends in the communities.

We worked hard in the afternoon, enjoyed some pizza for dinner, went back to the guest house and had the privilege of listening to Aury share her story in the evening.

And here are a few pictures  –

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One thought on “Hinsdale, Day 2

  1. Annette, thank you so much for the update and especially the pictures! Christine had been sick the week before the trip and it is so unbelievably reassuring to see her smiling and happy, and looking like she feels fine. So glad they could get so much work done in one day. Can’t wait to hear about the passport issue and hear more about the trip. Thank you Mrs. Dorsett

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