Rainy Day Blues

Just as my friend Carrie and I were coming back from a long run today, it started to drizzle. Slowly, that drizzle turned to a downpour, and it rained hard from about noon until 6pm. Good timing, right?

ImageEarlier this morning I sat down with Nicte. Over a cup of hot chocolate she shared how the concrete floor the Hinsdale kids laid in her house has impacted her life – she doesn’t have to live in mud. She can invite neighbors over. It’s easier to sleep and be rested for school with a dry floor.

I’m thankful for that conversation, for the kids who came and did the work, that Nicte and her family can live a bit more comfortably.

But as it rained today, I was sad for my friends whose floors were turning to mud and whose corrugated metal roofs transformed to waterfalls.

There is so much work to do.

I’m not sure how much of it actually involves 3 part rock, 2 part sand, and 1 part concrete.


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