Our Three Day Car aka “Guate Week”

I’ve posted occasionally about “Guate Days.” They’re days that remind that I don’t live in the USA. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes sad. This week, Joel and I have had a Guate Week. I have to start by going back to last Monday. Last Monday we were driving to pick up some dinner when someone decided they wanted to steal our phones. Our phones were not out, we were not doing anything irresponsible – we must have looked like easy targets or people who were just about to hit one year with their iPhone’s. Thankfully, the man did not ask for anything else and we are ok. Just down two phones. 

Before Christmas, we sold the infamous “Frijol Motorizado,” or Joel’s blacked out black ’95 BMW. We found someone who wanted it at the right price, which never happens in Guate. Before we had to dump a bunch of money into shocks we sold it to someone who likes doing that stuff (those people exist?!?). 

At the same time we lost our phones, we found a car we were interested in. We checked the budget – with the phones, it wasn’t ideal timing, but it worked. We bought the car on Saturday – a nice blue, ’03 Jetta, in our price range (to give a check point, my ’98 Honda CRV still goes for over $5,000 in Guate. The affordable, reliable used car does not exist). We lived the dreams of power locks and windows and a sunroof until today. Yes, three days later the engine LITERALLY dropped out while Joel was driving around. So much for mechanic guarantee.

Thankfully, the seller was mortified, paid for a tow truck for Joel, refunded our money, and took the car back. That never happens here. We are so thankful for that. 

The icing on the cake: Sometime in the middle of this week, Joel got sick with his stomach. He’s better now, but the stomach doctor recommends (hold your breath) NO CHEESE. NO DAIRY. Yikes.

Farewell phones, farewell three day Jetta, farewell cheese. 

What a week. 


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