Change of Pace

One aspect of Guatemalan culture that I really appreciate is that “spring break” is always Easter week. Schools close, businesses close – Guatemala City becomes a ghost town from Wednesday through Sunday. Growing up, it always felt silly that we had school off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents Day, and everything in between, but we spent Good Friday at school like it was a normal day.

In Guatemala, the country pauses, takes a deep breath, remembers, and then continues forward. For many, it’s a deeply religious time  – one of my coworkers and her family are walking in Processions every day this week to honor each aspect of Christ’s journey to the cross.

Joel and I had the chance to go up to Rio Dulce for a few days. It was great to get out of the city and see a part of the country Joel hadn’t seen before. We came back yesterday and are looking forward to Processions in Antigua tomorrow (pictures to come), Easter baking on Saturday, and a sunrise service with good friends on Sunday morning (yes, even Joel is looking forward to this – he’s changed so much in the past two years!).

I’m thankful for this change of pace – it’s given me much needed relaxation, renewal, and time to recenter my life a bit.

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