Hinsdale Day 3: Get to work!

Today was our first day in the communities in Zone 3. The group fought traffic and arrived to meet the families they will be serving and working with this week. After dividing up groups and tools, we headed to the work sites. One group of 12 is working to build a house for Dona Juliana, Fito and Aury’s mom. Today, they spent all day taking 500 cinder blocks down three flights of steps into the ravine where her house is situated.

The remaining 13 divided into two smaller groups and each worked on separate concrete floors. Both finished more than half, and will easily finish their first floors tomorrow. It’s easy to see how a concrete floor can positively impact a family’s standard of living, especially when the daily rains turn dirt into mud in an instant.

After work, we headed out for a pizza dinner and then went back to Semilla and had the opportunity to hear Aury share her story. I’m thankful for a hospitable, loving, Vida Joven staff – their willingness to share their life stories gives our visiting friends an insight into what it’s like to grow up in the communities we’re working and to see how God has redeemed their lives and is using them to reveal himself to teenagers in the community.

Some pics from today (if you don’t see your child, fear not – I don’t have the pictures from the photographer on the other job site).


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