Hinsdale Day 4 – Let it rain!

For the past three or four years, we’ve been blessed to not have a lot of rain during Hinsdale work team weeks. In Guatemala, there’s a thing called “canicula” which, essentially, is a break from rainy season. That break happens to fall during the first two weeks of August, hence not much rain. So, when the rain clouds rolled in today, it took us all a bit to readjust to working in the rain. The group handled it with great attitudes, and even got some hard work done in the rain (ask the girls – wet overalls are heavy!).

We finished two floors, and now the two concrete groups are working together on a third. The house group laid their first rows of block – big learning curve there!

After a delicious dinner, we met together to process the day. The students asked lots of good questions related to violence/gangs in the communities, what life is like for teenagers, and more. Then, Estela shared her story to provide even more context for their experiences.

Pray for a dry day tomorrow so we can keep progressing both in our work and relationships in the communities!

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One thought on “Hinsdale Day 4 – Let it rain!

  1. I just realized we could leave a reply for everyone- we have been praying for you all and love the blog to keep up! Such important work- but hard work! Keep the spirit and let’s pray for no more rain! Many blessings- The Clark Family

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