Hinsdale Day 5 – Many hands

We had a great day in the communities – no rain! a nice breeze! We finished our third floor by 10:30 am, but didn’t have the materials delivered for the 4th. So, the concrete crews headed over to the house site and helped out there. It worked out great as the extra hands on deck were able to pass 400 blocks down about 50 steps while the house crew continued to lay block. Many hands makes light work, right? I’m not sure anyone would  say light work, but definitely more fun!

We headed to a local mall for dinner to give the group a contrast to their experiences in the communities. Although the mall is only a short drive away, many people from the communities will never go there – it’s not accessible to them. It’s powerful and a bit overwhelming to see such contrasting places so close together.

After showers, Fito graciously shared his life story with us – he’s an inspiration to us and to people in the community of how the Lord can redeem and save us from the paths we choose for ourselves. Thanks, Fito!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during this week!

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