Hindsale Day 6 – From the cemetery to a celebration

Thursday is a difficult day during a work team week because it’s the day where everything gets harshly set into context. We started our day at the national cemetery which backs up to the garbage dump. Aury kindly shared with the group what it’s like to work in the dump – what it means, what it does to a person’s heart and spirit. I say kindly because sharing brings back memories of spending her childhood there. That’s tough and I’m thankful that she’s willing to open up about it.

From there, we head back to the communities to work. I encouraged the kids to take what they experienced at the cemetery and use it to motivate them to love and serve people that are often ignored and overlooked. I reminded them that Jesus came especially for the outcast, the forgotten, these friends whose lives are unimaginably difficult.

We finished our last floor and made great progress on the house before heading to the famous Pollo Campero for dinner. After dinner, back to the communities for Vida Joven Club. It’s beautiful to see our US friends dancing, laughing, playing, and singing with our Guatemalan friends. It feels like a celebration in the middle of the week, a breath of fresh air before we finish our time in the communities.

Tomorrow is our last day in the communities – pray that kids continue to process their experiences throughout the weekend and continue asking beautiful questions as they explore everything they’ve been through this week.


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2 thoughts on “Hindsale Day 6 – From the cemetery to a celebration

  1. I am not sure where these replies go- I am not very text savvy- but the trip looks amazing and the blog has been just a treasure to read and see the pictures. All of our prayers are with the whole team- what a difference you are making in the lives of those people! God Bless! Mrs.Clark

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