Hinsdale Day 7 – La Despedida

The last day in the community is tough. We finish projects (all hands on deck and we got all the walls up on the house!), we say goodbye to new friends, we try to process our experiences. After saying goodbye to the families and enjoying a delicious Guatemalan snack, we headed over to the local park to play the 7th Annual Vida Joven Classic – Guatemalans versus Gringos in soccer. It’s always a joyful and fun way to end our week in the neighborhood. Today’s classic ended in a 5-5 tie (including a goal and assist by me playing for team Guatemala – had to brag, sorry). It’s beautiful to see how play brings together teenagers from two very different cultures.

After the game we headed back to Semilla for dinner and processing time. I encouraged the group to share how they saw beauty in hard places, and the kids shared some really tough moments and questions and pointed us to God’s grace and beauty in the neighborhoods. Be sure to ask your child what his/her high and low was because their answers are indicative of the contrasting experiences of the week.

Now to bed before a big hike up Volcan Pacaya tomorrow morning!

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One thought on “Hinsdale Day 7 – La Despedida

  1. Thank you so very much for doing such an awesome job of keeping us back home updated. I pray often that you all have accomplished your missions! I also pray your time away can and will be a springboard for continued growth for all involved including all 25 of you, your new friends in Guatemala, as well as all of us back home. Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this awesome experience. May GOD Bless you all and everyone else involved! David O’Neill

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