Virtual Day Melt Down

Yesterday, our school had a virtual day. It was a half day anyway, so we decided to give our online platform the good old college try and experiment with what would happen if we had a volcanic eruption, ebola outbreak, political instability, or name that other issue that could keep kids home and itching to learn.

(insert ironic observation that in MI there really was a snow day and most of my FB and Twitter friends were filling their time with snow angels, hot chocolate, and shoveling…no online platform there)

Back to the melt down.

If you know me at all, you know that I love being around people. I like to talk. I like to hear and tell stories. Well, virtual day took all those people away from me and left me in front of my computer responding to emails and grading. A bit of a contrast.

I got home around 4:30 and Joel had to leave at 5:30. He got home again at 8:30, at which time I fell into a full on virtual day melt down. I cried. I flipped out. I think my body allergically reacted to being around NO PEOPLE ALL DAY. I can’t take it.

Reflecting on my ridiculousness last night, I did learn a bit about myself:

First, I feel purposeless if I’m not interacting with people. I’m made to be in community. Second, I’m still reeling from the hurt caused by losing the main purpose that brought me here (not naming names here…). Slowing down brought that hurt right to the surface. Finally, I need to chill out a bit and not freak out on my poor husband when I’m alone for a day. He handled it well.

I think I learned more on virtual day than most my students!


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