They made it!

The group made it with minor problems – only a short delay in Texas, aka the State the Eats our Visitors for Nights at a Time (my brother and sister in law were trapped on the way to and from Guatemala, so we’re thankful the group had no issues).

We came straight to our home where we had a welcome meeting – Joel explained a bit of CMT Guatemala’s work (website is in Spanish and under construction but the video on it is in English and gives great context for CMT’s work in Guate) and what we’ll be doing this week – and, we ate dinner. Afterward, we got them settled in at “home” for the week and left them to rest up before the first work day.

Now, for a bit of “that’s my kid” trivia…

-This kid nearly gave his/her camera to a stranger at the airport who kindly offered to take a picture.

-This kid volunteered to taste test the super spicy cobanero sauce even though he/she has no heat tolerance (and proceeded to nearly cry as a result of the choice).



5 thoughts on “They made it!

  1. Glad to see they arrived safely!!! Love the blog already. Can’t wait to see more of what their week is going to be like.


  2. Thank you for posting already! Nice to “see” all of the kids! I don’t think Kristi was any “that’s my kid” tonight :). Praying for all of you!

  3. So glad to hear that they made it safely. Can’t wait to hear “who done it!” Ha ha! Annette are you Herm and Phyllis’s daughter? I bet so. Well, then you know my sister, Gayla Holwerda, and her family well. Your dad and brother did my yard when I was in my house (now in a condo) and I see your dad from time to time in the coffee shop. I just saw the name Witte on the web page and realized who you may be. Greetings to everyone and hoping for a meaningful work week.

  4. Thanks for sharing the picture and words! It is a great way for us to follow what is going on! I am eager to find out which kids are the answers to the trivia…. Blessings to all!

  5. Glad to hear all is well! We look forward to seeing how God will work through this group! Praying for you all daily!
    Lizzy Klomp’s Aunt Tami

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