Work Day 1

Today was a long, full day – we got to Zone 3, met new friends (our hosts for the week), and then got to work. We spent the morning mixing concrete and pouring the first half of the floor. We took a lunch break around noon and then got back at it. The afternoon didn’t go quite so smoothly as the morning, but we were able to use the slower afternoon to meet neighbors and play with some kids that we met. I was proud to see the group dive in – both to the work and to new relationships.

After cleaning up, we had a great dinner and then went back to the seminary for some debriefing time. We shared how we saw God both in the hard things and the beautiful things, thinking about Simone Weil’s words, “there are two things that pierce the human heart: beauty and affliction.” I’ll let your kids/friends share their reflections when they get home; I don’t want to take that opportunity from either them or you.

For today’s rendition of “that’s my kid…”

-This kid vocally retired from wheelbarrowing concrete at lunch (only to pull a MJ and come out of retirement).

-This kid stepped on the same dog twice in five minutes (hint: it may be a kid at heart).

As for last night’s answers, Alexa is our heart-of-gold-I-could-trust-a-random-stranger-at-the-airport-with-my-camera girl and Kaylee volunteered her palette for the hot sauce challenge.

Now, for some pictures – enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Work Day 1

  1. Thanks for the great pics! Everyone must be tired after a day of hard work, Prayers for your work and friendships. God bless your efforts.

  2. These pics melt my heart! Lifting everyone up in prayer daily! And in response to the “that’s my kid”….had a feeling it was my trusting little soul Lucy!

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