Work Day 2

This morning the group finished Wendy’s floor with a batch and a half of concrete. Congrats on a job well done! As one of our Guatemalan friends pointed out – yes, a concrete floor is a gift; however the greater gift is a concrete glimpse of God’s love for the family.

After cleaning up shop, we returned to the community room to pack New Year’s care packages of rice, beans, coffee, sugar, and more – we’ll pass them to families tomorrow morning.

The afternoon provided a change of pace. We went to the national cemetery and historical downtown to learn a bit about Guatemalan history and provide context for the experiences of the week. The group learned that Guatemala is very divided – along socioeconomic lines, racial lines, political lines, and religious lines. Those division impact each aspect of Guatemalan life and culture.

Finally, after a delicious dinner, we were blessed with the opportunity to hear the life story of one of our Guatemalan friends. We’re learning a lot through story and through shared experience this week!

For today’s rendition of “That’s my kid…”

-This kid bought a present for his/her mom the first opportunity she had (don’t you all wish it’s you?!?).

-This kid has gone through at least two tshirts a day due to water spills and other such accidents.

-This kid managed to get herself “adopted” by a Guatemalan family. Hope he/she makes it home! (she will, no worries).

Yesterday’s answers…

Evan is our early retiree from wheelbarrowing; but he pushed through his weariness and contributed greatly both yesterday afternoon and today. Larry Klein himself is the one who had to humbly apologize to the dog whose feelings and paws he was careless with.

And for some pictures…

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