“Let’s call him Richard…”

Here are two stories from this week that remind me why I love teaching middle school kids – and why I loved doing WyldLife.

1. We’re studying conflict resolution in 7th Grade Life Skills and to kick off the unit, each student researched a famous feud – shared about the feud, how (if) it was resolved, and gave a creative presentation. One student showed up to class and I could tell by the look on his face that he forgot about the presentation. He said, “Mrs. Aguilar – the information is more important the presentation itself, right?” I said, “yes, but the presentation is important too.” He said, “uh, ok. I’ll be ready.”

He researched Alexander Hamilton v. Aaron Burr – something about a feud ending in a good ol’ gun duel really attracts middle school kids. He began his presentation well – acting, drawing, describing. Then, he hit a blank. He kept saying Alexander Hamilton v. Burr…omitting the first name.

Then came the good stuff. “Alexander Hamilton tried to shoot Burr…Burr…Burr…we’ll call him Richard.” And carried on like it was totally normal to rename a historical figure.

Love it.

2. A few teachers were having problems with their projectors – thankfully, mine was behaving. Their projectors would just shut off in the middle of class without explanation. Two teachers even called in the tech team – all clear, nothing wrong.

Our Social Studies teacher did a bit of sleuthing and discovered that the 7th Grade boys discovered an app for a universal remote for projectors. They were shutting them off in class and would turn them back on just when the teacher hit the “my lesson is ruined” moment of despair!

Here’s where it gets good – they don’t know we know. So, may the prank planning ensue!

Suggestions welcome 🙂


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