Raspberry Picking

Our summer trip to the States usually comes in July, which is prime Raspberry picking time in my parents’ backyard. Those raspberry bushes have been there as long as I can remember, and it’s part of my summer rhythm to sort through the prickly vines and find the fruit that is perfectly ready to be picked and enjoyed.

Today as I was picking, I was thinking about how the experience is a lot like life – it requires a little bit of time and patience, involves some searching – and even wondering if there is anything to find – and results in something beautiful.

Joel and I had a raspberry picking experience yesterday – since Fito transitioned off of Young Life staff and joined the CMT Guatemala staff, we’ve made a personal commitment to help him raise funds for his salary. He’s our friend and his family’s health and well-being is very important to us. While we trust that there are donors who have a heart for ministry in Zone 3, a desire to help Fito, and a willingness to give and that God will raise those people up, we also want Fito to get paid this month.

Raspberry picking in July - a summer highlight.
Raspberry picking in July – a summer highlight.

It seemed that the vine wasn’t quite ready, but that we were in need of fruit – so we prayed for fruit.

While we were sitting having a meeting in Biggby yesterday, an old friend came in, saw us, walked over, and handed us an envelope full of cash. He said, “put this toward the fundraising for Fito’s salary.” Just like that, the fruit was provided – the prayer was answered.

And we’re encouraged that God will keep showing up on behalf of Fito and providing for him and his family in this transition. If you’re interested in learning about Fito’s new position and how to support, shoot me an email or Facebook message and I’ll be happy to pass along his most recent newsletter!


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