Giving Tuesday – An Update

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you’ve read many stories of our dear friend Fito Sandoval. Fito was my area director with Vida Joven, and now he works with Joel at CTM Guatemala. I wanted to take the opportunity (Giving Tuesday) to share his most recent update about life and ministry in Zone 3 of Guatemala City.

2016-11-29-photo-00000083If you feel so inclined to come alongside us as we support him both financially and in prayer, please do so! Giving from the US happens through  the Street Psalms Website with a designation for CTM Guatemala and a comment of “Fito Support.” If you want to receive more frequent updates from Fito, let me know.

Thank you to those of you who’ve supported us, Fito, and other friends here in Guatemala over the years. We greatly appreciate it!

From Fito –

Blessings, dear friends, from the land of eternal spring –

Good news from Zone 3:

The past three months have been a tsunami of emotions. I can see God moving even in the many wounds in the lives of the people who live near me. I see how these wounds effect every child, teenager, young adult, and adult in different ways. Many try to pacify the pain by looking for easy outs; sometimes it appears that there is no hope. However, when I open my eyes I see light that gives me hope and motivates me to continue.

For example, in February, one of the transformers that brings electricity to our community was damaged. I saw the need to take on a leadership role in the process of buying and changing the transformer. It was difficult, but after a few months we were able to buy the transformer and demonstrate that when we work united we can achieve our goals. This success showed people that, despite unhealed wounds from their past, they can live a better life.

In addition, I am excited to see life in the project to continue working with teenagers in the communities. The name of this project will be “Dejando Huella Guatemala,” or Leaving A Mark Guatemala. We are meeting with eight young people with whom we have close relationships and working to continue with the youth work that has happened over the last eight years in Zone 3. As the project develops, I will send information about how people can be more involved.

Another aspect that gives me high hope is my involvement as a member of the neighborhood committee in my community. This opportunity grew from my involvement in a project with the families in the community. It was exciting to see them vote for me as their representative on this committee. It is a great responsibility, but it gives me the opportunity to work closely and more directly with the established community leadership .

This is a summary of what’s happened in the past three months. I know that God is working in ways that I sometimes do not understand. But, it always gives me hope to see how God uses my family as a light to many people in the community. We are influencing them in hopes that their lives may also be an example for others. The five families we have close relationships with now represent fifteen people that, one day, will be positive influences in the communities where we live and work.

Prayer Requests

  • That the organizations we work with will continue to dream with us.
  • That the leaders see the benefit of the community and organizations working together.
  • That leaders believe in the capacity of the community
  • That we have safe spaces for reconciling conversations between leaders and the community

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